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Events of Briston County Ground:

The Bristol County cricket Ground was purchased by WG Grace in 1889 (he lived adjacent) and in spite of the fact that it has had a fairly pained presence – more than once the region has thought about leaving the ground – it remains the home of Gloucestershire, and is presently even host some of the ODI. In 1919, the region sold the setting to Fry’s, the confectionery firm, who acquired their very own groundsman and, for a period, changed the name. In 1933 the county repurchased it once more. In 1976 they by and by sold it, this opportunity was taken by Royal and Sun Alliance, repurchasing it in 2004.

Establishment of Bristol County cricket stadium

  • The famous ground in Bristol Ground established in 1880. And the first match of one-day International held here was between New Zealand and Sri Lanka in 1983.

Capacity of seating the spectators in Briston:

  • The capacity of this Ground is almost 17,500 with better view for all the viewers and audience to get excited view.

First Match hosted by Bristol County Ground:

  • Bristol Ground usually hosts only one day internationals almost one per year. The very first one-day International cricket match which this cricket ground hosted was between New Zealand and Sri Lanka in 1983.

Home Team for Bristol County Cricket Ground:

  • The county matches are also being played here and the Gloucestershire county team is the home team for this ground.

Floodlights in Bristol County:

  • Yes, there are also floodlights in this famous cricket stadium which give the access to play in night as well as in the day light.

Fixtures of 2019 World Cup in Bristol County Cricket Ground:

The Bristol County ground only hosts one day internationals and also hosting some of the matches of Cricket World Cup 2019. If you want to see all the fixture of World Cup 2019 then go to given link:

Matches and Venues of 2019 World Cup

Following are the fixtures here at this country ground:

Afghanistan vs Australia
Saturday June 1st
13:30 local
One Day International
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
Friday June 7th
10:30 local
One Day International
Banglades vs Sri Lanka
Tuesday June 11th
10:30 local

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Bristol County Cricket Ground