South Africa Du Plessis wants to avoid the fear of failure


Du Plessis the current captain of South Africa team who will also be going to lead in the big tournament of cricket world cup 2019. He is an emerging player with his outclass batting performances. Not only with bat, but he also stunned everyone with his captaincy tricks. He said in a recent event that:

South Africa team had not shown their best capability and could not play at their best level in the previous big battles of world cups. And he said this all happened because they put themselves under the great pressure in big events.

South Africa Team is one of the world’s best side in cricket. They have a very good reputation of performance all around the tours and series but they are unable to put their one-hundred percent in big events like ICC cricket world cup. They are under immense pressure and the leader wants all of them to release that pressure of failures or anything like that. He said that in this cricket world cup 2019, no one should have to do something special just play your natural game with relaxation. His words are as follow:

“In the past cricket world cup tournaments, we were always looking for some heroic moments from any single player. We were there with the mindset that, we had to be good enough and do something really special. In this way, we even did not perform at an average level. So we had to overcome that thing of failure and have to put on our natural game without taking any type of pressure.”

This would be the only key to get success in this upcoming big event of cricketing world 2019. We have to deal with our pressure bearing techniques and he said:

“We started our preparation physically as well as mentally over a year ago, and as a leader, I talked about this situation of our team more than any other past captains. And I genuinely believe that this is the only area to get focused on”.