Eion Morgan Interview:England team Capitan|cricket world cup 2019


Does England skipper in Eion morgan explain why it’s more important to play on the field than simply winning and losing?

 Morgan has a savage accuracy which shows himself in details. He has the courage to face any difficulty. Morgan has the ability to direct his team in a good way even the fire coming from the opposition.

It’s the teamwork which makes us most dreaded and in-structure side in Icc cricket world cup 2019. Another reason which makes them the most deadly team in world cup 2019 is there last 33 ODIs from which they win 29 and lose only 4.

Eoin tells to the ICC “It takes time to identify our identity, As a group, you need to believe in the way you are playing and in what you are doing”.

“People will find excitement and freedom in England team” – Eion margan

A few years ago, we evolve ourselves into an aggressive outlook and we also began to play smart cricket. He also said in an interview that “If you were to ask somebody what do they expect when they see an England team, I think they would see excitement and freedom”.

England successfully chases the 400-runs in the last four years. It’s the first time in England’s history during their opening 50-overs contest. Their performance is peerless as compared to the 2015 world cup.

Eoin Morgan says in an interview that they haven’t lost any series in the last two and a half years. The average run rate since that 20115 tournaments was running at 5.97, compared toSouth Africa’s next-best mark of 5.48.

“Winning and Losing does’nt matter…” -Eion Morgan

Eion Morgan says that winning is not everything. He said that It’s our part of the culture to think about sports not winning and losing. He also added by saying that people can respect, relate and admire teams if they do it in the right way. If we lose in this tournament for the right reason than people will give us a huge amount of respect.

It’s the player’s cap which represents him. Eion Morgan explains that in international cricket, you are always living out of your suitcase. It’s never the same place and the hotel rooms and cities are different, but the thing that you start your journey with is your own cap.

Eoin point is that he has built an exceptional group that will not be defined by one innings and match or tournament. During the fielding, the skipper got a flake fracture on his left index finger and spent 20 agonizing minutes contemplating his world cup mortality.

He reveals that I have had a load of broken fingers, when it’s put back in you know after about 20 minutes. The pain goes away. If the pain does not die down, you know it’s more serious. If something happens, then it will happen You train and prepare as hard as you can, but you can not prepare for an injury.

“You can tap once again into the grassroots. Guardians or mentors can say, ‘This is what this group depend on. You ought to tail them’. You need to comprehend your place – it’s anything but difficult to shut yourself off in an air pocket, and I imagine that is a little innocent. There are different sides to it: winning is one, and the other is developing the game and moving another age.”

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