Eng Vs Pak 3rd ODI: Live cricket scores|25 overs commentry

Eng vs Pak 3rd ODI is in it’s way. The 15th over is done by the Faheem Ashraf. He did his first ball and it took an inside edge by the Bairstow. The second ball is a half flick which hits by the Bairstow and fell safely in the mid-wicket area. The third ball is defended by Faheem Ashraf with no run. The fourth and fifth ball cost one run to the Faheem. In his last ball, Jason Roy hit four to the Faheem.

·        Now here come the 16th over and England made 145 runs with no loss of wickets.

The 16th over is done by shaheen Afridi. In his first ball, Roy takes one run. And in second ball Bairstow hit four to the Afridi. In the next three balls, Afridi got one score on each ball. Faheem again comes in 17th over This time Faheem has to do something to move the position of Pakistani team from lower to higher And that’s it, Faheem takes the wicket of Bairstow and it’s a moment of happiness for Pakistani team. Now it gives a comeback a chance to Pakistan. In the 18th over Imad Wasim put some effort to stop the increasing score of England. And this over is a good one from Imad wasim.In the 19th over Faheem again comes with a new spirit He tried to stop the score In this over, Faheem gave an extra run to England in form of wide.

Eng Vs Pak 3rd ODI-20 Overs gone:

In the 21st over which is done by Imad Wasim. It’s not a good one for Pakistan. Imad got 10 scores without any wicket. The 22nd over is a good one from Faheem. He just got 5 scores in this over. So, now Faheem is showing his bowling spell. This will certainly give Pakistan a chance to win. At this moment if two more wickets will down, Pakistan can win. So, Faheem has to take one more wicket. Now the star, Hassan Ali came in 23rd over. It’s a time for Hassan to take a wicket. So, he tried his best to support the Pakistani team. But he can’t do anything, he just stopped the score. In this over he got 3 scores. In the 24th over, which is done by Harris Sohail. May he got a wicket. But he fails in taking a wicket. He just stops the score to 4 but can not take any wicket. In the 25th over, Hassan Ali again comes into the crease. He wants to take a wicket. But in the whole, over he can’t do anything. He just keeps trying and trying.

·        After 25 overs, England got 201 scores with a loss of one wicket.

So, finally 25 overs gone for England and it’s a good batting by them I think at this time England will win. But for Pakistan still, there is a chance. If they take wickets then they can win. May God bless Pakistan with success. Follow the sequnnce: Eng vs Pak 3rd odi:Last 25 overs summary and winner IF you missed any of the previous summary you can read here: Ball-by-ball commentry of Pak vs Eng is available here.