England is now looking for a big total here. Jos Buttler is looking in the very touch here. If buttler stays there at crease for rest of the overs then they can easily get the 350 mark. On the other end Ben Stokes is also playing very good inning here and is completely set which can be very dangerous for the South African team.

After a cheeky start, England is now looking stable and now everything is looking under their control. Because Eoin Morgan and Ben Stokes is building up a good partnership here. This is providing a good strength to team England in their first contest against South Africa.

After loosing their first wicket in very start of the match. They again stabilize themselves as the Root and Roy are playing sensibly here. These both players have the capability to change the momentum of game at any time. And at this stage , they are looking very good in their batting.

South Africa got the first wicket at early stage of the inning and then root and Roy give some strength to England side by forming a fine partnership. But here the South African team has made a comeback and got the two very precious wickets of Root and Roy. Now they are getting some hope to restrict the hosts under 300 mark.