Eoin Morgan the England captain injured in training


As everyone knows that the big battle of cricket is about to start. And every team is just giving the final touch-ups to their armies just before going into the battlefield of cricket in 2019. Every team is ready to pounce upon the opponent to crush them to ground for the easiness of their way in the battlefield. England is considered as the most favorites in the cricket world cup of 2019. Eoin Morgan the English cricket team commander was also ready for cricket fight but unfortunately, he got injured in training session.

England is going through the prime time of their performances nowadays and they also become very lethal to handle. They have a perfect side in all the sections of cricket like a complete unit of batting aces, lethal bowling attack, and a tremendous fielding. These are the most profound features of any team which is making the England team a very lethal team. But the captain of England’s cricket team is facing a little minor fracture in the index finger of his left hand but the doctors said that he will be fine before the opening of their team in cricket world cup 2019. The first match of England is against South Africa on 30th May 2019.

Eoin Morgan knocked his finger during catching practice on Friday. And then he had taken to the hospital for the treatment. The doctor treated him and did the precautionary X-ray of his hand. The doctors said that he will totally fit for the world cup. Complete information of his injury is as here.

Eoin Morgan is currently the captain of England cricket team and he is in his supreme form of batting. They have very deep batting line-up supported by the very dangerous bowling attack. And they are now in their supreme form and continuously winning the series with the better performances.