Cricket World cup 2019 Schedule: Matches & Venues


The ICC Cricket World Cup is the event which comes after every 4 years. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is the edition ranked 12th in the list of cricket world cups. This time this mega event is hosted by England and Wales which will be held from 30th May to 14th. Here in this article you will get the complete Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is the edition ranked 12th in the list of cricket world cups.


There are total ten teams participating in Cricket World Cup 2019 which is a decreased number as compared to 2011 and 2015 i.e. 14 teams. The eight teams taking part in this mega event is according to ICC ODI teams ranking which means first eight teams will be already qualified and the rest of two had to play qualification round to reserve their seats.

Tournament Format:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has a format which will be followed in fixtures of teams. There is two-round in format:

  • Group stage
  • Knockout

The group stage is the round which will be held on the rule of round robin. This means that all the ten teams will play with each other once. Each team will play total of nine matches and the teams which will be on top four on the table will progress for knockout round. Then these teams will play semis and then two teams will play final.

Full Schedule:

Here is the complete Cricket World cup 2019 schedule which includes Fixtures, Date, and Venue etc.

                     Date                            MATCH                                                           VENUE

  1. 30 May                         England vs South Africa                                 The Oval, London
  2. 31 May                         Pakistan vs West Indies                                 Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  3. 1 June                           New Zealand vs Sri Lanka                              Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
  4. 1 June                           Australia vs Afghanistan                                County Ground, Bristol
  5. 2 June                           Bangladesh vs South Africa                          The Oval, London
  6. 3 June                           England vs Pakistan                                         Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  7. 4 June                           Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka                                Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
  8. 5 June                           India vs South Africa                                       Rose Bowl, Southampton
  9. 5 June                           Bangladesh vs New Zealand                         The Oval, London
  10. 6 June                           Australia vs West Indies                                 Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  11. 7 June                           Pakistan vs Sri Lanka                                       County Ground, Bristol
  12. 8 June                           England vs Bangladesh                                   Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
  13. 8 June                           Afghanistan vs New Zealand                        County Ground, Taunton
  14. 9 June                           Australia vs India                                              The Oval, London
  15. 10 June                         South Africa vs West Indies                          Rose Bowl, Southampton
  16. 11 June                         Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka                                 County Ground, Bristol
  17. 12 June                         Pakistan vs Australia                                       County Ground, Taunton
  18. 13 June                         India vs New Zealand                                      Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  19. 14 June                         England vs West Indies                                  Rose Bowl, Southampton
  20. 15 June                         Australia vs Sri Lanka                                      The Oval, London
  21. 15 June                         Afghanistan vs South Africa                         Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
  22. 16 June                         India vs Pakistan                                               Old Trafford, Manchester
  23. 17 June                         Bangladesh vs West Indies                           County Ground, Taunton
  24. 18 June                         England vs Afghanistan                                  Old Trafford, Manchester
  25. 19 June                         New Zealand vs South Africa                       Edgbaston, Birmingham
  26. 20 June                         Australia vs Bangladesh                                 Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  27. 21 June                         England vs Sri Lanka                                        Headingley, Leeds
  28. 22 June                         India vs Afghanistan                                        Rose Bowl, Southampton
  29. 22 June                         New Zealand vs West Indies                        Old Trafford, Manchester
  30. 23 June                         Pakistan vs South Africa                                Lord’s, London
  31. 24 June                         Afghanistan vs Bangladesh                           Rose Bowl, Southampton
  32. 25 June                         England vs Australia.                                       Lord’s, London
  33. 26 June                         Pakistan vs New Zealand                               Edgbaston, Birmingham
  34. 27 June                         India vs West Indies                                        Old Trafford, Manchester
  35. 28 June                         Sri Lanka vs South Africa                               Riverside, Chester-le-Street
  36. 29 June                         Pakistan vs Afghanistan                                 Headingley, Leeds
  37. 29 June                         Australia vs New Zealand                              Lord’s, London
  38. 30 June                         England vs India                                                Edgbaston, Birmingham
  39. 1 July                             Sri Lanka vs West Indies                                Riverside, Chester-le-Street
  40. 2 July                             Bangladesh vs India                                         Edgbaston, Birmingham
  41. 3 July                             England vs New Zealand                                Riverside, Chester-le-Street
  42. 4 July                             Afghanistan vs West Indies                          Headingley, Leeds
  43. 5 July                             Pakistan vs Bangladesh                                  Lord’s, London
  44. 6 July                             India vs Sri Lanka                                              Headingley, Leeds
  45. 6 July                             Australia vs South Africa                                Old Trafford, Manchester

Semi Finals:

  • 9 July                             Group Winners vs 4th Placed Team           Old Trafford, Manchester
  • 11 July                          Group Runners-up vs 3rd Placed Team     Edgbaston, Birmingham


  • 14 July                          ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Final                 The Lord’s, London


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