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The Oval which is now also referred for the sponsorship purposes as a Kia Oval. This international cricket ground located in Kennington in South London. The Kennington Oval has been the home ground for surrey country cricket club and it was the foremost ground in England to host international test cricket. In English season, the final test match used to be played here as their tradition.

Kennington Oval Events:

This internationally renowned cricket stadium has witnessed some of the very historical matches like England’s magical win with the one-wicket spare in 1902 is one the most thrillers ever witnessed here. And some of the sad incidents like Bradman’s farewell duck in 1948 also been witnessed here.

Establishment of Kennington Oval:

This well-known cricket ground was established in 1845. But the first international test cricket match for England was played in 1880.

The capacity of this Stadium:

The well renowned international Cricket stadium has the capacity to entertain almost 25,500 spectators. It gives one of the finest views for the spectators to enjoy their treat.

First Match in this Ground:

The very first match of international test cricket was played here in 1880 between England and Australia. It was one of the most entertaining match for cricket lover in England.

Floodlights in Kennington Oval:

Yes, this famous ground of London has floodlights which means it supports day and night cricket.

Kennington Oval Tickets of 2019 World Cup:

Almost all the seats are booked and there will be a houseful show in World Cup 2019 here in Kennington Oval Cricket Ground. There are some slots free if you want it to go and grab your seat there.

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Home teams of Kennington Cricket Stadium:

The host teams of Kennington cricket ground are England and Surrey.

Oval Cricket Ground Weather Forecast:

The weather report here at Oval is unpredictable due to the recent change in climatic conditions all around the globe. There are many chances of rain here in the upcoming world cup 2019 matches.

Oval pitch report:       

The Oval cricket ground pitch reports say that it will have a damp surface in world cup 2019. The Experts are giving predictions that the chasers will have bright chances to succeed in the contest.

Match Fixtures of 2019’s World Cup to be played in Oval Ground:

All of the matches which will be played here of Cricket World Cup 2019 are as follow:


England vs South Africa
Thursday, May 30th
10:30 local
One Day International


Bangladesh vs South Africa
Sunday, June 2nd
10:30 local
One Day International


Bangladesh vs New Zealand
Wednesday, June 5th
13:30 local
One Day International


Australia vs India
Sunday, June 9th
10:30 local
One Day International


Australia vs Sri Lanka
Saturday, June 15th
10:30 local
One Day International

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