Rose Bowl Cricket Stadium: Weather Forecast|Fixtures|Pitch


Rose Bowl Cricket Stadium which is now a days also known as The Ageas Bowl for the reason of sponsorship. This is the famous cricket ground as well as residential hotel complex in West End, Hampshire, England. This ground was a replacement of previous home ground of Hampshire this is the county ground Southampton.

Establishment of Ageas Cricket Stadium:

The famous cricket stadium of England was established in 2001 and it was the replacement of other county ground. This well renowned ground also has floodlights installed in it which is plus for night cricket.

First match here in this cricket ground:

The first test match played here was between Sri Lanka and England in 2011. And it gives far better view to every individual present there for enjoyment of match.

Weather forecast of this Cricket Stadium:

The higher humidity levels are anticipated for the couple of days going before the match, while a 10 percent shot of raining is gauge for Thursday through Sunday. Temperature lows of 13 degrees Celsius and highs of 25 are available. With everything taken into account, entirely agreeable conditions for players and onlookers alike.

Pitch Report of Rose Bowl Stadium:

This ground’s pitch is a bit hard as compared to its fellow ground here in England. As almost all of its family members in England has green pitch which suits fast bowlers but it is much more suitable to spinners.

Fixtures of Rose Bowl Stadium in 2019 cricket world cup:

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And if you are finding the fixtures of world cup in this Cricket Stadium then here you go:


India vs South Africa
Wednesday June 5th
10:30 local
one day international


West Indies vs South Africa
Monday June 10th
10:30 local
one day international


West Indies vs England
Friday June 14th
10:30 local
one day international


India vs Afghanistan
Saturday June 22nd
10:30 local
one day international


Afghanistan vs Bangladesh
Monday June 24th
10:30 local
one day international

Additional details of Rose Bowl Cricket Stadium:

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