Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium: Weather|Fixtures|Pitch Report


Trent Bridge Cricket stadium is commonly known for its successive use for test, one-day internationals and County Cricket. It is located in West Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire England just across the River Trent. This cricket stadium is also the core spot of the Nottinghamshire Country Cricket Club.

Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium Events:

There are many matches of international cricket held here. Some of which are from mega events like World cups and some are made entertaining by the thrill they gave while watching. Trent Bridge is used to host for Twenty20 World cup finals two times. In 2009, the semifinal match between Pakistan and South Africa also took place here.

Establishment of Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium:

The Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium was established in 1841 in Nottinghamshire England. It is installed with floodlights to support night cricket.

Capacity of Trent Bridge:

Trent Bridge is a big cricket ground which can serve upto 17500 people at a time. And its seating plan is also managed in a way to give each and every one a perfect view.

First Match at Trent Bridge stadium:

This cricket stadium is known as one of the best cricket ground to watch the cricket. The first match played here was between England and Australia in 1899.

Pitch report of Trent Bridge ground:

The pitch of this ground is considered as one of the most decisive pitch among all the cricket grounds in the world. The only possibility of no result match is rain.

Weather report of Trent Bridge:

The weather for Trent Bridge in the week ahead demonstrates the normal daytime most extreme temperature will be around 18°C, with a high for the seven day stretch of 19°C expected on the evening of Tuesday fourteenth. The mean least temperature will be 8°C, plunging to its most minimal on the morning of Monday thirteenth at 5°C.

Fixtures of 2019 cricket world cup here:

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And here are the fixtures of 2019 cricket world cup matches in Trent Bridge Ground:


Pakistan vs West Indies
Friday May 31st
10:30 local
one day Internationals


England vs Pakistan
Monday June 3rd
10:30 local
one day Internationals


Australia vs West Indies
Thursday June 6th
10:30 local
one day Internationals


India vs New Zealand
Thursday June 13th
10:30 local
one day Internationals


Australia vs Bangladesh
Thursday June 20th
10:30 local
one day Internationals

Other Details related to Trent Bridge:

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