Every country has the broadcasters channels related to every show whether it is live stream or recorded. These broadcasters have to buy the copyrights to give the transmission of the shows so that they have the legal authority to make them on air on their channels. These broadcasters list of every country lies under the supervision of TV Listings.

International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup 2019 also has the rights and these rights are purchased by some the very renowned sports channels of every country. When they purchased the copyrights of ICC cricket world cup 2019 then they are legally applicable to do live transmission of every single match of cricket world cup 2019.

TV Listings across the world:

Some of the TV listing all over the world which has the live coverage rights of every country are listed below:

India TV Listings of cricket world cup 2019:

Star Sports is one the very famous sports channel not only in India but also in the subcontinent which includes (Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc). Star Sports has the rights to give the live coverage of every match of cricket world cup 2019. Other than this, all the matches of cricket world cup 2019 will also be streamed live on Hot Star mobile app.

  • Star Sports
  • Hot Star Mobile App   

Pakistan TV Listings of world cup 2019:

The copyrights of ICC cricket world cup 2019 in Pakistan is been purchased by the sports channels and TV Listings of Pakistan which are listed below:

  • PTV Sports
  • Ten Sports

You can see all the related information about the tv listing of pakistan which covers the live streaming of every match of cricket world cup 2019.

Pakistan Broadcasters List

USA Broadcasters of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019:

Cricket world container 2019 USA TV rights are likewise offered just to the Willow TV which is one of the renowned games and sports channel in USA. They for the most part have every other game rights too for live inclusion of some other games. What’s more, this thing makes it a standout amongst the best among different games live distributors in USA.

  • Willow TV

You can see the related information of USA broadcasters from here:

USA Broadcasters list of Cricket World Cup 2019

Sri Lanka TV Listings of World Cup:

If you are die-hard fan of cricket and lives in Sri Lanka but unable to catch the live streaming of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Then you do not need to panic. There are sports channels which give live streaming in Sri Lanka are given below:

  • Channel Eye of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC)

Bangladesh TV Listings          

The viewers of cricket in Bangladesh can now enjoy all the exciting matches of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 on their sports channel as it has purchased the rights to give the live transmission of matches.

  • Gazi TV

Singapore Broadcasters of Cricket 2019:

There are many channels which have the rights to make the live transmission on-Air in Singapore. These are the treat for cricket lovers in Singapore and are listed below:

  • Star Cricket
  • Star Hub Go
  • SingTel TV

All the other information regarding TV Listing in all the countries across the World ar given below:

Broadcasting and TV Listings