“Be calm, stabilize power”, Virat Kohli plan in the world cup


It’s finally the time once more for all the teams of the cricketing world to battle for the cricket’s biggest event that is cricket world cup 2019. Virat Kohli the Indian captain is also ready to fly to England for this enormous tournament of cricket world.

As Kohli is ready to fly to the United Kingdom, in search of the crown of this mega event, he said in the recent conference that

“We have to handle the pressure situation with a calm mind but our intensity level should have to remain at a high level. In this way, we can go well through the big tournament of the cricket world cup.”

Kohli’s cricket army will reach there in England for cricket world cup 2019 on 22nd May 2019. Indian cricket team will first play their two warm-up matches against New Zealand and Bangladesh. After this, they will start their journey in this mega tournament in June 2019.

Kohli said in his press-conference before flying to United Kingdom:

“It’s always a good step to go to any place in advance of the match. This is the perfect practice to get rid of early anxiety of playing at different conditions. It will help us to calm our nerves down before the starting of the mega event.”

Virat also added to his statement that:

“With the pressure holding techniques, we must have to gain the momentum of winning the clashes before the opponents get it and then we have to maintain that momentum with all our devotion.”

Virat Kohli is guiding his teammates to do well especially in pressure situations by maintaining the calmness of mind and putting all of their effort to get the reward in this big tournament. And this will be their key to success in this long journey of being crowned in the cricketing world.