Pakistan’s experienced fast bowler, Wahab Riaz is ready to bowl fiery bouncers on provocation state, as he did in the past against Shane Watson. Although it takes a lot of courage to attack the batsman, Wahab Riaz is used to it.

Throwback to 3rd Quarter Final of 2015 World Cup:

His deadly fast bowling spell against Australian Team, especially Shane Watson, is worth to watch. Shane Watson provoked Wahab when he came to bat in the 3rd Quarterfinal of 2015 Cricket World Cup. Starc was bowling amazing spell against Pakistan, but who could know that they will fight back with a fiery spell of Wahab.

Australian were 59-3 in the 11th Over while chasing a low total of 214 in 50 overs. Wahab Riaz came to bowl when Shane Watson walked on the crease. He bowled short-pitched stuff at Watson to take revenge. For imposing more pressure, he placed a short leg to scare Watson by bouncers.

With 150 mph speed, he was looking to kill Watson with the deadly bouncers, but he survived most of the times by leaving the ball to the keeper. But all his efforts went in vain when Rahat Ali dropped the catch at the position of deep fine-leg. Due to such spell, he will be a key player to watch in 2019 Cricket World Cup.

PCB called Wahab Riaz for 2019 World Cup:

The name of Wahab Riaz was not present in the initial World Cup Squad of Pakistan. But, later, due to the poor performance of bowlers in the Pak vs Eng Series, PCB called Wahab Riaz for taking his fiery bowling services. He said in a news conference,

“The Attitude and Aggression matter the most for a fast bowler. As the pitches of England are straight and juicy for batting, therefore, we need to enforce an aggressive approach in our bowling. Otherwise, the batsmen will completely dominate you. If a batsman will try to demean me, then it will do the same as I did in the past against Australians.”

Wahab is coming back in the Pakistan team after a gap of 2 years. Now, all eyes are on him and on Inzamam. If he won’t perform well in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, then Inzamam will be under the fiery talks of Sports Analysts.

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