Cricket is a game of controlling nerves and producing best from your skills. In this game, one team will have to lose and the other one will win. But there is also a third condition of draw. The pain of draw match is very severe for the cricket lovers. Watching 8 hours of ODI cricket and finding the result draw at the end, will surely hurt you more than your breakup. But if the match will be abandoned due to rain or bad weather conditions of England in WC 2019, then it is more severe and like a heart attack to the cricket fans at the ground. In short, Weather Forecast matters the most.

Same is the case in England. The rain and bad weather are disturbing a lot of matches in the England. It that continues, then the entertainment of world cup cricket matches will be in vain.

No one can predict the weather of England as it changes its mood within a minute. If there is sunlight at one minute, then there will be rain at the next moment. This thing is hurting the cricket fans more than a lot. They come at the England’s ground to witness powerful and blistering entertainment of cricket, but all their hard work is pissed off by the weather swing. You can also check London weather BBC news for cricket news.

In the month of April and May, a total number of 3 out of 10 matches were called off due to heavy rain or bad weather in the ground. This thing is hurting the cricket fans a lot because they are expecting jam-packed and nail-biting cricket matches of 2019 cricket world cup. Therefore, before every match, you need to know the London weather news. Accuweather London is also the best platform for this regard.

Weather Forecast: Warm up matches effected by rain:

Two of the recent warm up matches were also called off by the officials due to rain. This is very alarming situations for the teams as they need to change their game plans at a sudden moment. We all are familiar with the DRS method. If the rain will hit the ground, then the overs will be reduced to a certain amount. In short, if a team is winning now, then after rain, it might be the losing one due to DRS method. Yes, it is a very serious type of method in the cricket history. Two of the warm matches were also went in vain due to heavy rain. So, you need to look at the weather forecast before every match.

  • South Africa Vs West Indies.

Now the South Africa will be playing their first match against England in first encounter of 2019 cricket world cup tournament. If you are looking for the best place to watch live cricket streaming of 2019 cricket world cup, then CRICITLIVE is always there for you. Apart from the live streaming, the latest cricket news is also available for the cricket lovers. Weather Forecast of every match will also be available. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments about this article.