Who will win the cricket world cup 2019?: By Brandon Mcculum


Brendon McCullum is 37 years old and a former player of Newzealand. He predicted the results of each and every match in the tournament. Brendon picks the England, India, and Australia as its favorite team to win the world cup and 4th space is vacant for Pakistan or west-indies.

The skipper of Newzealand team shared this post on his facebook as well as Instagram account.In this post he completely describe the detailed winner of each round in cricket world cup 2019.And predicts that who will win the cricket world cup 2019? Here are the pics from his account.

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Mccullum ignores the chances of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan in World Cup 2019. He also predicted that England will win eight of nine matches. And India will also win the same. He says that India is the only team who has the potential to beat England.

He selected England as his favourite team.Brandon is very much sure the final teams. And says that the final will be between England and India.And India will beat the England.

While talking about Australia, He says that Aussies will be defeated by West-indies, England and Pakistan. Australia is a strong team but not enough to win against Pakistan or West-indies.

Our point of view about Mcculum’s prediction:

But his prediction goes into trouble, when today pakistan beat england by 16 runs.You can check the complete story of match from here. This also happens wrong when last day Bangladesh best South Africa. According to the current satuation, We think that West-indies will go for final. But it is just an opinion, we are’nt sure about this. What you think that who will win the Cricket world cup 2019?

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